10 Questions With Sam Weber

10 Questions With Sam Weber

enter site If you haven’t heard of Victoria musician Sam Weber yet, you’re about to thank us.

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source site The 23-year-old Vancouver Island songwriter has played more than 150 shows in the past two years, including appearances at Canadian Music Week, Tall Tree Music Festival, Rifflandia and SunFest — and we’re willing to bet that he’s about to blow up big time any day now.

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click here With influences like Jackson Brown, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen, the man can play a guitar like nobody’s business. Plus, his band (comprised of the ultra talented Marshall Wildman, Hugh Mackie and Esme John) is just about to release its second album, Valentina Nevada, on Cordova Bay Records.


see And we can’t overlook the fact that their new music video features Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod (Bodybreak!).

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Buy Priligy Dapoxetine Online The official album release is happening this Saturday at Sugar Nightclub alongside Victoria’s Quoia (the fellas behind Tall Tree are releasing their new album Prospector).

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click We caught up with Sam to ask how growing up on the Island has influenced his music and to pick his brain about his favourite spots in and around Victoria.

see 1) Where did you grow up?

http://sunseaboats.com/category/archives/page/13/ North Saanich. I went to Stelly’s High School for the French immersion program there. What I liked about it is it kept me out of trouble because my nearest friends were like a half hour away. I think it kinda kept me — for better or for worse — more in my head as a songwriter, focusing on something very personal.

http://laurafahrenthold.com/tag/daughter/feed/ 2) How did you get into music?

click My family is musical. My dad has been playing music since he was young. I started piano lessons when I was little, then quit. I came back at 12 and picked up a guitar, got back into piano and stayed involved in music through the school system at Stelly’s, where I was in band.

click 3) When did you start song writing?

source url I was 14 or 15. I wasn’t really sharing any of that until the last year of high school. Our first show was at 1 a.m. at Lucky when we were all under age. Something must have wrapped up at Upstairs or something and we played to this full Lucky Bar. There’s a lot of mythology around Lucky Bar for us.

Priligy Cheap Uk 4) What’s it like to work with Cordova Bay Records?

watch They’re sweet. They’re not really trying to be a trendy, sexy label, which I really appreciate. They’re more focused on just doing a good job of getting music heard. The last time I checked they were one of the few record labels in Canada that makes money. They’re making some power moves right now too — they’re signing a bunch of pretty varied and interesting artists, like Rykka, who just played the Eurovision song competition.

follow url 5) What was the first concert you remember attending?

http://evolutionseries.com/?product_cat=europe Little Feat at the Royal Theatre, which was likely part of Jazz Fest. I was probably about 10.

source site 6) What’s your favourite venue to play at on the island?

Buy Amoxicillin 500Mg Canada The Mary Winspear in Sidney is pretty sweet. Realm Food Co. in Parksville is also really great. They’re doing live music all the time. We’re playing there on Sunday.

Priligy Online Review 7) Do you have a favourite hike?

Order Amoxicillin Online Canada My go-to is the Horth Hill Park. It’s close to my house and if you go on a weekday, it’s super quiet. It’s got nice views of the peninsula.

http://udale.com/product-tag/parma-ham/feed/ 8) How about a favourite lake?

Can U Buy Amoxicillin Online Killarney Lake, up behind Prospect. It’s super, super nice. There are always at least like seven eagles chilling on the shore. It’s a 10-minute hike in, which is usually a pretty good deterrent for lazy people.

http://codesky.co.uk/portfolio_page/pjy-therapies/ 9) What are your favourite spots to eat?

http://danielricciardo.com/home/attachment/02_leftcircle-7/feed/ The Parsonage is definitely the go-to breakfast spot. I really like eating Vietnamese food, so I’ll eat at Green Leaf or Pho Boi. I love Bin 4 — I’m a Bin 4 believer. I also just had Tacofino for the first time a couple days ago and it was epic. But Red Barn Market is where I do most of my feeding.

see url 10) Do you have a favourite local band?

Buy Amoxil Online Cheap I really like Jon & Roy. I’m the pickiest listener and I won’t cut bands any slack just because they’re local. Jon & Roy is high rotation for me. I think they’re great. Their album By My Side was really, really great.

follow url Get tickets for Saturday’s double album release show with Quoia online or at Guitars Plus on Blanshard Street. They cost $20 and include copies of both albums (howzat for a deal?).


source site

source url This interview was condensed for brevity and radness.

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