About Us

The Vic Life features the best bits of Victoria, B.C. — a place where hipsters and retirees unite over a love of tea and gardening, where cycling and hiking compete with craft beer drinking as the No. 1 past-time and where the mild climate makes all other Canadians jealous.

Journalist Emma Gilchrist started The Vic Life in the fall of 2015 after years of globetrotting — during which she realized she was never happier than the moment her feet hit the tarmac at YYJ.

The Vic Life offers an insider’s guide to our city’s best eats, drinks, hikes, shops, festivals and more.

Regular contributors include Victoria writers Shari Stewart, Sarah Pollard, Carol Linnitt, Sutton Eaves and Lyndsey Easton.

If you have something we should know about drop us a line at info@theviclife.com