Five Ways To Give the Gift of Good Food This Christmas

Five Ways To Give the Gift of Good Food This Christmas

Let’s face it: this time of year is about eating. Lots of eating.

And while we’re stuffing our faces, it’s easy to take for granted that some people can’t afford the same luxury.

That’s why this holiday season, Fernwood NRG is working to raise enough money to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to 100 families in need — not just for the Christmas season, but for the entire upcoming year.

It costs just $500 to provide a family with a large Good Food Box (filled with fruit and veg, prepped and delivered by volunteers) every two weeks for a year. This year, we’ve expanded our Gift of Good Food program throughout Greater Victoria to provide for families in need.

In true Victoria spirit, people are getting creative with their fundraising. We’ve heard stories of potluck fundraisers, house concerts and supporting a family instead of buying Christmas gifts.

As the Gift of Good Food co-ordinator for Fernwood NRG, I had the chance to connect with families who received The Gift of Good Food last year while making our fundraising video.

The one thing they all had in common was an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their community. One single mother of two shared stories of how her daughters grew to love vegetables, became healthier and more confident and enjoyed more meals with their extended family.

“It’s like a little Christmas gift every two weeks for my family,” she said.

Here are five ways you can easily give the Gift of Good Food right now:

  1. Visit Hoyne Brewing Company and taste their beers by donation. The brewery will be matching all donations for December.
    Hoyne Brewery is donating money from tastings in December to the Gift of Good Food holiday fundraiser.

    Hoyne Brewery is matching all donations from tastings in December for the Gift of Good Food holiday fundraiser.

  2. Or make your way to Phillips Brewing Company’s tasting room for some drinks, also by donation, with proceeds going straight to families in need.
  3. Fernwood Yoga Den is offering karma classes by donation to the Gift of Good Food.
  4. Our local quiz master extraordinaire and FernFest host Benji Duke will be hosting a Pub Quiz for Good Food on Tuesday December 8th at the Fernwood Inn. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., it’s $10 to play and if we fill the room, we will have supported one family in our neighbourhood. How awesome is that?
  5. You can also donate directly online, at the Fernwood Community Centre or captain a fundraising group by calling 250-381-1552.

While you might not realize that people all around you are in need, Fernwood Community Centre’s family programs co-ordinator Shonna Bell says that families across the island are facing poverty.

“Families don’t want to advertise to people that they don’t have what their kids need for their lunches — and those are the people that this program really supports,” Bell says.

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