Paper Street Theatre Co. is Killin’ Christmas

Paper Street Theatre Co. is Killin’ Christmas

It may be the season of sparkly lights and scented firs, but let’s face it: Christmas can also set the stage for family tiffs and botched traditions. Now, it’s downright lethal.

Scrappy Victoria-based improv company Paper Street Theatre Co. is set to unleash its Lethal Christmas: An Improvised Action Movie at Intrepid Theatre Club Dec. 16 to 19. Part on-the-fly theatre, part blockbuster, it’s a mashup of ‘80s action flic and holiday send-up. Taking its cues from Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, the production is sure to put the Santa smile back on your face.

“Expect something hilariously action-packed that tugs at the heartstrings,” says artistic director Dave Morris.

If you’re hankering to shakeup your seasonal celebrations, this is the gift for you. A clever round of theatre from the shiny-as-a-Christmas-bauble ensemble cast.

If you prefer a dystopian future with a dash of gender politics to a shoot-’em-up Christmas, watch for “The Handmade Tale: An Improvised Margaret Atwood” next on the roster (February 2016).

Tickets on sale now for $15 a pop.

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