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Pssst … The Secret to Keeping Cozy with Renewable Energy this Winter

Pssst … The Secret to Keeping Cozy with Renewable Energy this Winter

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard that one habit David Suzuki couldn’t break was taking long, hot showers.

Me too, man. On the whole “be the change” file, I’m ticking boxes just like the next person. But taking shorter showers?

When it’s dark and rainy and cold outside, and the water’s all steamy and you can just zone out like a Japanese Snow Monkey in a hot spring?

Nope, I just can’t bring myself to cut my showers short. But when I moved into my new place in Fernwood, with an on-demand natural gas hot water heater, long showers started making me uncomfortable.

Why? Because fossil fuels make me uncomfortable, because climate change sucks and I don’t want to make it worse.

It took me a year — during which time I installed an ultra low-flow showerhead and repeatedly ignored shower timers — to actually log in to our FortisBC account online.

Guess what? It turns out Victorians who use natural gas in their home can now switch to a 100 per cent renewable option.

You can choose a blend (from five to 100 per cent) and FortisBC will add that amount of renewable gas (e.g. methane produced in landfill/agricultural/sewage treatment operations) into the pipeline system, for a reasonable premium.

My wife and I are going with 100 per cent renewable, which will cost us an extra $90 per year. Keep in mind, we’re only using natural gas for our hot water heater — not for other home heating (which is powered mostly by renewable electricity in our case). You can calculate what it would cost you to go renewable with this handy-dandy FortisBC calculator.

Pro tip: that low-flow shower head cut our gas bill by 25 per cent, which covered the whole renewable premium in our case. #Winning.

This promo video from Fortis has all the feel good vibes you’ll need to convince your spouse/house-mates/landlord. And let’s face it: part of living #TheVicLife is taking care of this lovely planet we live on (and making sure we don’t go underwater).

Wanna make the plunge? You can sign up with FortisBC.

Main image via Sharyn Morrow on Flickr.

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