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Victoria’s Popular New Soul Night

Victoria’s Popular New Soul Night

When I heard about the first Future Soul dance night at the Copper Owl back in September, I marked it in my calendar months ahead of time, eagerly anticipating the event.

Since Hush Nightclub closed in 2014, there hasn’t been a weekly or even monthly underground electronic music night in Victoria that’s really stuck around.

Matt Saunders and Morgan Tedder, veterans of the west coast drum and bass scene, wanted to bring people together to enjoy music they love to play. Tedder’s basically been playing liquid drum and bass since it was invented. Saunders, aka Akela, says it’s for people who want faster soul music.

“If you like to dance to music with soul and passion, and you like vocals and piano and string — it’s like jazz and soul, but more upbeat.”

Dancing is my ultimate therapy and I love liquid drum and bass because I can get lost in different parts of the music all at once. The melody is soothing while the drums are arousing and the bass lines trigger something deep in my bones. I love the Future Soul nights because of the people who make up the community and haven’t missed one yet.

Saunders agrees: “They’re super cool people with a great taste in music! It’s a lot different than a night at Sugar. It’s an older, more relaxed crowd.”

And the venue’s a real treat. There’s ample room to dance and countless cozy nooks for a drink at a table with friends. Saunders says it’s the vibe of the room that drew them to the Copper Owl.

“It feels welcoming in there. They’re open to all different kinds of sounds, and liquid drum and bass really fits the room.”

The fifth installment of the Future Soul series is coming up on Saturday March 19 — doors are at 9 p.m. and cover is $8. The event will showcase Rhythmicon, one of Victoria’s most beloved DJs.

“The truth is, the beauty of the night and what’s made it so popular, is it’s simplicity,” Saunders says.

“We’re just doing it because we love it and I think that shows.”

Curious about the sound? Have a listen here.

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